Which card introduced Bharat Petroleum for individual customers?

What is BPCL fleet card?

Definitions. ”SmartFleet™” is a program designed as a fleet management tool and targeted to vehicle fleets in India by Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited, hereinafter called as ”BPCL”. ”BPCL RO” means select BPCL retail outlets (petrol pumps) at which the SmartFleet Card will be accepted.

What is petroleum card?

There are two pre-paid petro cards in the market: HP Smart 1 and BPCL Petro card. A pre-paid card has an electronic chip, which stores information about the amount (in rupees) of fuel that you have loaded in your card. Every time you transact on this card you earn some reward points.

Is Bharat Gas government or private?

On 11 September 2017, Government of India conferred BPCL with Maharatna status. Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd was incorporated on November 3, 1952 as a private limited company with the name Burmah Shell Refineries Ltd.

Which card is best for fuel?

Best Fuel Credit Cards in India August 2021

Credit Cards Offers on Fuel Spends Annual Fee (In INR)
HDFC Bharat CashBack Card Enjoy 5% cashback on your fuel spends 500
Citibank Indian Oil Credit Card Earn 4 turbo points on a fuel purchase worth INR 150 at authorized Indian Oil retail outlets As Applicable
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What is the benefit of BPCL SBI card?

Features and Benefits of BPCL SBI Credit Card

Fuel surcharge benefits Surcharge waiver of up to Rs.100 per month at BPCL petrol pumps anywhere in the country. Annual fuel savings of 70 litre.
Easy Bill Pay Easy Bill Pay facility for utility payments.
Add-on Credit Card Add-on cards available for family members.

How can I avoid the fuel surcharge on my credit card?

Presently, Every time you make a fuel purchase through your card, you have to pay a fuel surcharge @ 1% (before 13 Jan 2017, it was 2.5%) subject to the minimum of INR 10. You can avoid these additional charges on fuel can be by making cash payments.

How can I add money to my BPCL petro card?

Recharge your Petro Card online Page 2 Go to www.petrobonus.com Page 3 Go to www.petrobonus.com Page 4 Click on login Page 5 Login into your Petro Card account Page 6 Click on “I Accept” Page 7 Click on “Online Recharge” Page 8 Type in the amount you wish to recharge. Then click on Submit.

Which credit card is best for fuel in India?

Top Fuel Credit Cards in India – 2021

Credit Card Variant Joining Fee
Bank of Baroda Prime Credit Card NIL
ICICI Bank HPCL Platinum Credit Card Rs.199
BPCL SBI Credit Card Rs.499
HDFC Bharat CashBack Credit Card Rs.500

Can I get a fuel card for personal use?

Unfortunately, fuel cards are not suitable for personal use; this is because to complete the application process, a fuel card needs to be registered against a company.

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Can you buy oil on a fuel card?

Secondly, some fuel cards allow you to buy additional items. These can include lubricants and oils, AdBlue, car washes, and other vehicle shop goods. Moreover, some fuel cards can be used to pay for toll road charges.

Who are fuel card services?

The Fuelcard Company is one of the largest commercial fuel card resellers in the UK. We enjoy partnerships with Shell, Esso, Texaco, Allstar and Keyfuels whose fuel cards we resell. The difference between competitors and The Fuelcard Company is that we serve more than 65,000 customers in the UK.

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