You asked: What is the most popular oil company?

What is the number one oil company?

List of largest oil and gas companies by revenue

Country Company Name Revenue 2018 (US$ billion)
United States Exxon Mobil 290.2
France Total SA 209.4
United States Chevron Corporation 158.9
Russia Lukoil 127.7

Who are the big 5 oil companies?

The supermajors are considered to be BP, Chevron, Eni, ExxonMobil, Royal Dutch Shell, TotalEnergies, and ConocoPhillips. The term, analogous to others such as Big Steel and Big Tech that describe industries dominated by a few giant corporations, was popularized in print from the late 1960s.

What are the top 5 US oil companies?

Like Devon Energy (NYSE:DVN), Phillips 66 (NYSE:PSX), Marathon Petroleum (NYSE:MPC), Chevron (NYSE:CVX), Exxon Mobil (NYSE:XOM), Chesapeake Energy (NYSE:CHK) and Occidental Petroleum (NYSE:OXY), Valero is one of the biggest oil companies in USA. Please continue to see the 5 biggest oil companies in USA.

Who owns most of the oil in the world?

According to the most recent data, the top five oil-producing nations are the U.S., Saudi Arabia, Russia, Canada, and China. The U.S. overtook Russia in 2017 for the second-place spot and surpassed former leader Saudi Arabia a year later to become the world’s top oil producer.

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Which oil company is the richest in Nigeria?

Shell Petroleum Tops as Richest Oil Company in Nigeria with US$388.4 billion (2018) in revenue.

How much oil is left in the world?

The Organization for Petroleum Exporting Countries reports that there are 1.5 trillion barrels of crude oil reserves left in the world. These are proven reserves that are still capable of being extracted by commercial drilling.

Who dominates the oil industry?


Rank Company (Reserves) Worldwide Natural Gas Reserves (1012 ft3)
1 Saudi Aramco 254
2 NIOC 948
3 Qatar Petroleum 905
4 INOC 120

Where does the US get its oil?

Saudi Arabia, the largest OPEC exporter, was the source of 7% of U.S. total petroleum imports and 8% of U.S. crude oil imports. Saudi Arabia is also the largest source of U.S. petroleum imports from Persian Gulf countries.

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