Where did the oil from the BP spill go?

During the Deepwater Horizon (DWH) oil spill, approximately 200 million gallons of oil flowed from the Macondo well. Of the 200 million gallons, responders recovered 17 percent directly from the wellhead, releasing 172 million gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico.

Was the BP oil spill resolved?

Temporary closure. On July 15, 2010, BP announced that it had successfully plugged the oil leak using a tightly fitted cap. The cap, weighing 75 tons and standing 30 feet (9.1 m) high, is now bolted to the failed blowout preventer.

What was the aftermath of the BP oil spill?

There was a “blowout” that released gas and oil, leading to an explosion that killed 11 workers. The Deepwater Horizon rig was destroyed and sank two days later. Over the next nearly three months, 210 million gallons of oil flowed from the well into the Gulf.

Where is the oil from Deepwater Horizon?

How long did it take to clean-up the BP oil spill?

The disaster on April 20, 2010 killed 11 workers as the flaming rig sank into the Gulf of Mexico. It took nearly three months to stem the flow of oil from the ruptured undersea well.

How many animals died from BP Oil Spill?

An estimated 4,900–7,600 large juvenile and adult sea turtles and between 56,000–166,000 small juvenile sea turtles were killed by the spill. Furthermore, an estimated 35,000 hatchlings were lost due to the effects of the spill and associated clean-up activities on sea turtle nesting beaches.

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