What is the correct order of evaporation for water alcohol petrol and kerosene oil?

alcohol > petrol > water > kerosene oil.

What evaporates first alcohol or petrol?

We find that Alcohol has the lowest boiling point, so it will evaporate first. Kerosene will evaporate the last as it has the highest boiling point. Alcohol > Petrol > water > Kerosene.

Which evaporates faster kerosene or water?

Comparing the evaporation processes of ethanol droplets and kerosene droplets with water droplets, the ethanol droplets have the fastest evaporation rate, followed by water, and the evaporation rates of kerosene droplets are the slowest.

Which of the following represents the correct order of evaporation?

the answer is a . alcohol , water , petrol, kerosene oil .

Which evaporates faster nail polish remover or petrol?

The liquid which has the highest rate of evaporation is: a) Petrol b) Nail- polish remover c) Water d) alcohol. Nail polish remover has the highest rate of evaporation. It contains acetone, the evaporation happens faster due to less intermolecular force.

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Does petrol evaporate faster than alcohol?

All liquids can evaporate at room temperature. Petrol, or gasoline, evaporates faster than most liquids because of its weak intermolecular attractions. Petrol is a mixture of hydrocarbons with the main constituent being octane, C8H18.

What determines how fast a substance evaporates?

There are several important factors that will influence the evaporation rate of a liquid. One of these factors is temperature. A liquid will evaporate faster at a higher temperature because more molecules at the surface will have enough kinetic energy to break free from the other molecules in that liquid.

What does the rate of evaporation depends on?

The evaporation rate of a solvent depends on its vapor pressure at the processing temperature, the boiling point, specific heat, enthalpy and heat of vaporization of the solvent, the rate of heat supply, the degree of association between solvent molecules and between solvent and solute molecules, the surface tension of …

Which one will help to accelerate the process of evaporation?

A The evaporation of the liquid can be accelerated. by keeping the dish under a running fan. by keeping the dish in the open. by blowing air into the liquid.

Which of the following does not affect rate of evaporation?

Insoluble compounds are not going to affect the rate of the evaporation. Therefore option D is the correct option. Note: The insoluble impurities are going to stay in the solution and do not affect the process of the evaporation of the solvent from the solution.

Which condition out of the following will increase the evaporation of water?

Increase in temperature of water will increase the evaporation of water. It is because, on increasing the temperature, kinetic energy of water molecules increase and more particles get enough kinetic energy of water molecules increases and more particles get enough kinetic energy to go into the vapour state.

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Which of the following evaporates faster?

Petrol is very volatile i.e., it has the tendency to evaporate faster than the other given liquids.

Which has the highest rate of evaporation alcohol or Petrol?

The liquid which has the highest rate of evaporation is

  • A. petrol.
  • B. nail-polish remover.
  • C. water.
  • D. alcohol.
  • Answer. A.
  • As intermolecular forces are least in case of petrol. Thus, it has highest rate of evaporation.

Which is the highest rate of evaporation?

Answer: Honey is the liquid which has highest rate of evaporation.

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