Quick Answer: What is the price of 1 Litre petrol in Bhutan?

Bhutan Gasoline prices Liter Gallon
USD 0.921 3.486
EUR 0.786 2.975

Does Bhutan buy petrol from India?

Petrol is Rs 49 per liter and diesel Rs 46 per liter. Bhutan also asks for oil entirely from India. This oil is sent to him by the Indian Oil Corporation.

What is the latest petrol price today?

The petrol rates in India stands at Rs 96.93 per litre in New Delhi, Rs 96.84 per litre in Kolkata, Rs 103.08 per litre in Mumbai and Rs 98.24 per litre in Chennai.

Why is fuel so cheap in USA?

The price at a petrol—or gasoline, in America—pump varies from country to country for many reasons: domestic oil production, national refinery capacity, subsidies, taxes, and so on. The US continues to spend billions in subsidies for oil exploration, which helps keep fuel costs artificially low.

What is the price of 1 litre petrol in USA?

Average gasoline price per liter in selected countries in June 2020 (in U.S. dollars)

Characteristic Price per liter in U.S. dollars
Spain 1.26
Japan 1.21
Canada 0.76
United States 0.55
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What is petrol rate in Pakistan today?

As of now, the new price for petrol will be Rs 118.09 per litre, diesel will be Rs 116.5 per litre in the country. Meanwhile, the prices of kerosene and light-diesel oil (LDO) were increased by Rs 1.39 and Rs 1.27, respectively. The new price of kerosene will be Rs 87.14 and that of LDO will be Rs 84.67.

Which city has lowest petrol price in India?

Fuel Price Map Of India

  • Petrol. ▼ Lowest ₹85.02 (Daman) ▲ Highest ₹109.97 (Delhi) Average ₹100.89.
  • Diesel. ▼ Lowest ₹82.96 (Daman) ▲ Highest ₹98.12 (Delhi) Average ₹92.56.
  • LPG. (Subsidised 14.2 Kg) ▼ Lowest ₹837.5 (Bengaluru) ▲ Highest ₹1020.5 (Agartala) Average ₹912.6.

What is the cost of 1 litre petrol in India?

The month of April opened with the petrol price in India standing at Rs. 96.60 per litre.

Trend of Petrol Price in India for April 2021 (Rates per litre):

Parameters Rates/litre
30th April Rs.90.44
Highest Rate in April Rs.90.60 from 1 April to 14 April

Which brand petrol is best for car?

Major Indian oil companies like BPCL, IOCL, HPCL guarantee a better mileage and long-run performance of the car with their premium fuel. In India unleaded petrol typically has octane ratings of 87, whereas premium fuel has an octane level of 93–94.

Which city has highest petrol price?

Petrol price nears Rs 108/litre in Mumbai; Highest ever. Know latest fuel rates

  • Mumbai. Petrol – Rs 107.83 per litre. …
  • Delhi. Petrol – Rs 101.84 per litre. …
  • Chennai. Petrol – Rs 102.49 per litre. …
  • Kolkata. Petrol – Rs 102.08 per litre. …
  • Bhopal. Petrol – Rs 110.20 per litre. …
  • Hyderabad. Petrol – Rs 105. …
  • Bangaluru. …
  • Guwahati.
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What is the price of petrol in Dubai?

Today based on current price of petrol in the UAE, the diesel price in the UAE is 2.450 AED/litre , almost the same as in July 2021.

Fuel Price history:

Fuel Type Retail prices (AED/Litre)
Gas Oil / Diesel 2.45 AED/Litre
Unleaded Gasoline 98 2.58 AED/Litre
Unleaded Gasoline 95 2.47 AED/Litre
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