Quick Answer: How can I reduce the heat value of natural gas?

What is the heat value of natural gas?

Heat Values of Various Fuels

Heat value
Crude oil 42-47 MJ/kg
Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) 46-51 MJ/kg
Natural gas 42-55 MJ/kg
Hard black coal (IEA definition) >23.9 MJ/kg

How do you calculate the lower heat value of a gas?

We compute the lower heating value (LHV) as the difference in enthalpy (per kg mixture) between reactants and products at constant temperature and pressure, divided by the mass fraction of fuel in the reactants. The LHV is calculated assuming that water remains in the gas phase.

Which fuel causes least pollution?

Natural gas is the cleanest fuel and causes the least pollution when burnt compared to petrol, diesel and coal.

What does heat value indicate?

Heating value is the amount of heat obtained when fuel or some other substance of a specific unit quantity is combusted. … The lower heating value (net) is the difference between combustion and latent heat of vaporization of the water vapors formed from combustion.

How is gas heating value calculated?

Under this formula, the relationship between the lower heating value of a fuel and the higher heating value of that fuel is: LHV = HHV – 10.55(W + 9H) Where: LHV = lower heating value of fuel in Btu/lb, HHV = higher heating value of fuel in Btu/lb, W = Weight % of moisture in fuel, and H = Weight % of hydrogen in fuel.

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Why is heat of combustion negative?

Since heat is released for combustion reactions, the total heat content must decrease. If it decreases, the final value would be less than the initial value—giving us a negative number for ΔH .

Is a higher heat of combustion better?

For example, if equal quantities of two isomeric hydrocarbons burn to produce equal amounts of carbon dioxide and water, the one releasing more energy (i.e., with the higher heat of combustion) is the less stable, since it was the more energetic in its compounded form. …

What is the BTU lb for coal?

Standard grades coal and heating values

Coal Grade Heating Value
(Btu/lb) (kJ/kg)
Anthracite 12910 30080
Semi-Anthracite 13770 32084
Low-volatile bituminous 14340 33412

What is the heat of combustion of a fuel?

The heat of combustion (energy content) of natural gas is the amount of energy that is obtained from the burning of a volume of natural gas is measured in British thermal units (Btu).

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