Question: Can you return propane tanks?

Since there’s a possibility of propane left in the tank, many landfills, recycling centers, and scrap metal dealers will not accept unwanted tanks for recycling. However, some propane exchange companies, including Blue Rhino, will happily take your unused propane cylinders and recycle them at no cost to you.

Can you get money for old propane tanks?

Many retailers offer a propane tank exchange program. … Blue Rhino and many retailers that sell propane tanks offer this type of service. If you need to get rid of an old propane tank and do not need a new one or need to refill it, you may bring it to some locations for free or for a small fee.

Can I return propane tanks to Walmart?

In order to exchange an empty propane tank purchased from Walmart, simply take yours into any Walmart store that sells propane tanks. Due to federal restrictions, you cannot complete a propane tank exchange through the Walmart website. This is because propane tanks cannot be returned by standard mail.

Will Home Depot take old propane tanks?

General Info: Home Depot will exchange your empty propane tank, including obsolete tanks without OPD (overfill protection device), for a full tank.

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What can you do with empty propane tanks?

So, to recap, if wanting to dispose of a small propane tank consider these options:

  1. Refill or exchange your wanted tank. …
  2. Drop off any unwanted tank you no longer need at a Blue Rhino reseller location.
  3. Call your local Ferrellgas office.
  4. Call a hazardous waste disposal site.
  5. Call your local public works department.

Does Lowes buy back propane tanks?

Lowes and Home Depot do not directly sell, buy or exchange propane tanks. (HD does sell, new, empty propane tanks of various sizes. Perhaps Lowes also?) Most of their locations are serviced by a third party propane vendor – RHINO and AmeriGas are the most common ones in the mid Atlantic states.

How do I recertify my propane tank?

How to Recertify Propane Tanks

  1. Visit “Find a Propane Retailer” website. Locate a cylinder refill and repair location. …
  2. Cylinder refill and repair location. Contact the most convenient propane retailer from the locations results page. …
  3. Have the tank re-certified for a fee. Take your tank to the propane retailer.

Does CVS exchange propane tanks?

Moreover, does CVS have propane exchange? CVS Pharmacy. Accepts household batteries and cell phones for recycling. The used propane tank is recycled.

Who has the best price on propane exchange?

The cheapest price around is at Walmart. Most stores have them for $14.92 if you are exchanging an empty tank (it’s a lot more if you are buying a new tank without an exchange).

How do you dispose of a camping propane tank?

If you have a large propane tank you want to dispose of, you should reach out to a licensed propane company like a local supplier of propane. They are equipped to remove any leftover gas from these tanks because they have special tools to do so.

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How do you dispose of camping propane canisters?

Contact your town or local recycling company to determine if they accept canisters in curbside bins, offer any special collection days that might accommodate canisters, or can provide information on any nearby metal recycling centers that accept them.

How old is my propane tank?

A date should appear on the handle, near the valve indicating the manufacture date. It most often reads in a standard Month-Year format. So if your tank was built in June of 2020, it would read “06-20.” Each tank also comes stamped with a unique identification, similar to those stamped onto vehicles.

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