Is Sulphur kept in kerosene?

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Why Sulphur is kept in kerosene?

It is kept in kerosene to prevent it from coming in contact with oxygen and moisture. If this happens, it will react with the moisture present in air and form sodium hydroxide which is a highly exothermic reaction.

Which metal is kept in kerosene?

Sodium and potassium metals are kept in kerosene or in dry mineral oil. Both of these metals are in Group 1 on the periodic table.

Which non metal is stored in kerosene?

Lithium, Sodium and Potassium are stored in kerosene because they are highly electropositive and they react with water and atmospheric oxygen violently.

Which phosphorus is kept in kerosene?

White Phosphorus is stored under water and not kerosene. It is kept submerged in water because it is a highly reactive metal and when it is exposed to air it autoignition as its ignition temperature is low.

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Is Sulphur stored in water?

Sulphur is a very reactive non- metal. …

Why are alkali metals kept in kerosene?

Alkali metals are highly reactive because they have only one electron in their valence shell which can easily be lost and metal get oxidized. In presence of water, they react to form highly flammable gas Hydrogen, so they are kept in kerosene.

Which metal is kept in water?

So the reason is that sodium metal is comparatively more reactive than phosphorus non – metal, that’s why phosphorus is stored in water.

Is calcium stored in kerosene?

Calcium is stored in kerosene.

Why sodium is stored in kerosene but not in water?

Complete answer:

It reacts with oxygen present in the air to produce sodium oxide at room temperature. … The density of sodium is higher than that of kerosene and it does not react with kerosene. Hence, we can store sodium in kerosene but not in water.

Why is sodium kept immersed in kerosene oil?

Reactive Metals like sodium, potassium, and lithium are highly flammable in nature. These reactive metals when comes in contact with air (presence of oxygen or moisture) catches fire and thus they are kept immersed in the kerosene oil to avoid injuries due to the accidental fire.

Which non metal is used as a fuel?

carbon is a non metal which is used as a fuel..

Why is phosphorus kept in kerosene?

Phosphorus is soft, waxy and reactive. It reacts with moist air and gives out light. It ignites spontaneously at about 35C and that’s why it is stored under kerosene to prevent its reaction in the atmosphere.

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Why is phosphorus kept in kerosene oil?

Phosphorus is stored in water because phosphorus is very reactive non metal. … It reacts vigorously with oxygen and water. A lot of heat is generated in the reaction. It is, therefore,stored in kerosene.

Why is phosphorus kept in water?

The allotropic form of white phosphorus is less stable and therefore highly reactive. Hence, it is kept in water to avoid Oxidation by the Oxygen present in the Air. Phosphorus is insoluble in water.

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