Why should we conserve coal and petroleum?

coal and petroleum are good sources of energy and it is important to conserve them because they can be replenished quickly enough. hydrocarbons ate formed over a period of thousands of years when the remains of dead plants and animals are buried inside the earth. also burning coal and oil results in air pollution.

How can we conserve coal and petroleum?

Ways to conserve coal and petroleum

  1. use alternative sources of energy, especially for cooking.
  2. use bulbs of CFLs instead of regular bulbs.
  3. use carpools or public transport to travel.
  4. when car is at traffic signal, switch off the car, to save fuel.
  5. use air conditioners or heaters only when needed.

Why should we conserve fossil fuels Class 8?

Burning fossil fuels like coal, oil, and gas results in carbon pollution, which causes climate change. So if we want to stop climate change (and avoid devastating extreme weather, sea level rise wiping out communities, global conflict and instability, etc.), we have to stop burning fossil fuels.

What are the benefits of conserving fossil fuels?

What Are the Benefits of Conservation of Fossil Fuels?

  • For Future Generations to Use. One huge benefit of conserving fossil fuels is that it will save some for future generations. …
  • Human, Wildlife and Environmental Health. Using fossil fuels causes pollution. …
  • Climate Change.
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What are the two methods to conserve coal and petroleum?

The steps which can be taken to conserve coal and petroleum are:

  • Use stairs to climb instead of taking a lift. …
  • Pressure cookers should be used for cooking food to save fuels like kerosene and LPG.
  • renewable fuels like cooking gas (LPG) and CNG should be used.

How can we conserve fuel in our daily life?

13 tips for saving fuel every day

  1. Drive smoothly. …
  2. Don’t keep stuff in your car. …
  3. Check tyres regularly. …
  4. Combine trips and plan your travel. …
  5. Fill it up. …
  6. Use air-conditioning sparingly. …
  7. Turn off the engine when idling for long periods. …
  8. Use quality products.

Why do we conserve fuel?

Save Fuel for a Better Environment

However, there is a more important reason to conserve fossil fuels, and that’s to help heal the environment. Burning petroleum, coal and natural gas fills the air with harmful pollutants, including nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, ozone and a host of hydrocarbons.

How can we conserve fossil fuel?

(i) Conversion into efficient forms like CNG. (ii) Protection of resources from fires. (iii) Avoid wastage of oil. (iv) Make more use of renewable source of energy like using solar energy, wind mills to generate electricity.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of fossil fuels?

Advantages and disadvantages of fossil fuel power

Advantages Disadvantages
Readily available (at the moment) Non-renewable source – will eventually run out
Relatively easy to produce energy from them Increasing fuel costs
Release carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) when burnt – greenhouse gas
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