Which of the following produces methane?

Methane is emitted from a variety of anthropogenic (human-influenced) and natural sources. Anthropogenic emission sources include landfills, oil and natural gas systems, agricultural activities, coal mining, stationary and mobile combustion, wastewater treatment, and certain industrial processes.

Which of the following produces methane during hydrolysis?


Who produces the most methane?

China is the top country by methane emissions in the world. As of 2018, methane emissions in China was 1.24 million kt of CO2 equivalent. The top 5 countries also includes Russian Federation, India, the United States of America, and Brazil.

What is methane made up of?

Methane is a molecule composed of one carbon atom linked to four hydrogen atoms.

Which carbide produces methane?

Methanides are carbides which on hydrolysis give methane (CH4). The most common examples are aluminium carbide (Al4C3), which is a pale yellow solid and beryllium carbide (Be2C), which is a Red solid .

Which compound gives methane by reaction with water?


What is the smell of methane?

In fact, methane by itself is odorless. If you are using methane in the form of natural gas, however, it will have a scent. This is the typical “gas” odor that most of us will recognize from when we turn on a cast stove at home before we light the burner.

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Is methane a fart?

Other gases like hydrogen (say: HY-druh-jen), carbon dioxide (say: KAR-bon dy-AHK-side, the gas that makes soda fizzy), and methane (say: METH-ain) are made when food is broken down in the large intestine. All of these gases in the digestive system have to escape somehow, so they come out as farts!

Where is methane found in the environment?

Methane (CH4): Methane is emitted during the production and transport of coal, natural gas, and oil. Methane emissions also result from livestock and other agricultural practices, land use and by the decay of organic waste in municipal solid waste landfills.

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