Which fuel type can be used in a gas turbine Mcq?

Explanation: Natural gases,petrol,diesel etc can be used as fuels in gas turbines. Gas turbines requires liquids with high specific heat as fuels.

Can be used in a gas turbine?

The gas turbine can be used in combination with a steam turbine—in a combined-cycle power plant—to create power extremely efficiently. 1. Air-fuel mixture ignites: The gas turbine compresses air and mixes it with fuel that is then burned at extremely high temperatures, creating a hot gas.

Which one of the following Cannot be used as fuel for the gas turbine?

Which of the following is not used in gas turbine power plant? Explanation: Natural gas itself or mixture of natural gas and air is used as working medium in gas turbine power plant. Condenser is a device or arrangement used to condense low pressure steam already used by turbine.

Which type of compressor is used in a gas turbine plant *?

The air compressor used in gas turbines is of rotary type mainly axial flow turbines. It draws air from the atmosphere and compressed to the required pressure.

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What type of fuel does a gas turbine use?

Worldwide, about 40% of operational gas turbines are driven by liquid fossil fuels. These fuels range from light volatile naphtha through kerosene to viscous residuals which are heavy. Light distillates and natural gas have similar fuel properties.

What is the use of re heater in a gas turbine?

— Reheater is a part of the boiler which to reheat steam output from the first level of the steam turbine. Reheated steam will again absorb the heat energy from the boiler to be used in the next level steam turbine. Reheater is one way to improve the thermal efficiency of the Rankine Cycle.

Which among these is the main component of gas turbine plant?

Which among these is the main component of a gas turbine plant? Explanation: The main component of a Gas turbine plant is Compressor.

What are the two main types of turbine compressor?

There are two basic types of compressors – axial flow and centrifugal flow.

What are the 2 types of compressor used in a gas turbine engine?

Compressor Types

The two principal types of compressors currently being used in gas turbine aircraft engines are centrifugal flow and axial flow.

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