What is the relative density of kerosene and water?

Relative density of kerosene with respective water is 08. Relative deny with respect to kerosene is 03125 then relative density of glass with live water is 08.

What is the relative density of kerosene?

The relative density of kerosene is 0.81 calculate the density of kerosene. Density of mercury is 13600kg/m3.

What is the specific gravity of kerosene?

Specific gravity of common liquids and fluids like alcohol, oils, benzene, water and many more

Fluid Temperature (oC) Specific Gravity SG
Kerosene 60oF 0.820
Linolenic Acid 25 0.902
Linseed Oil 25 0.932
Mercury 25 13.633

What is density equal to?

Density, mass of a unit volume of a material substance. The formula for density is d = M/V, where d is density, M is mass, and V is volume. Density is commonly expressed in units of grams per cubic centimetre. … For example, the density of air is 1.2 kilograms per cubic metre.

What oil has the highest density?

In general the relative density of most oils, both mineral and vegetable, is between 0,840 and 0,960.

Density of some vegetable oils:

Type of oil Relative density
Sunflower oil 0.918 – 0.923
Soybean oil 0.919 – 0.925
Peanut Oil 0.912 – 0.920
Olive oil 0.913 – 0.916
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Why relative density has no unit?

When the word relative is attached to a quantity it simply means that it is measured against the standard quantity of its dimension. Final answer is (B), the relative density does not have a unit because it is a ratio of two-dimensionally same quantities.

Which is the density of oil?

Density of common fluids

Fluid Density (g/cm3) at 20C and 1 atm unless noted
ethyl alcohol 0.791
turpentine 0.85
olive oil 0.9
castor oil 0.969

Specific gravity is the density of a substance divided by the density of water. Since (at standard temperature and pressure) water has a density of 1 gram/cm3, and since all of the units cancel, specific gravity is usually very close to the same value as density (but without any units).

What is called relative density?

The difference between the specific gravity and density is that at room temperature and pressure is 1gram per 1 cubic cm is the density of water this density is treated as a standard and the density of any other material (usual liquids) is calculated relative to this is called relative density or specific gravity.

What is relative density write its formula?

Density of a substance is defined as its mass per unit volume. DENSITY=MASS/VOLUME. Relative density of a substance is defined as the ratio of its density to that of water at 4°c. RELATIVE DENSITY=MASS OF SUBSTANCE /MASS OF EQUAL VOLUME OF WATER AT 4°C.

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