What is the current crude oil production in Nigeria?

Population (million inhabitants) 208.28
Current account balance (million $) -17,016
Proven crude oil reserves (million barrels) 36,890
Proven natural gas reserves (billion cu. m.) 5,761
Crude oil production (1,000 b/d) 1,737.4

How much crude oil does Nigeria produce?

Summary Table

Barrels per Day Global Rank
Oil Production 1,938,543 15th in the world
Oil Consumption 428,000 37th in the world
Daily Surplus + 1,510,543
Oil Imports

What are the top 20 oil producing countries?

Country Comparison > Oil – production > TOP 20

Rank Country Oil – production (bbl/day)
1 United States 10,962,000
2 Russia 10,759,000
3 Saudi Arabia 10,425,000
4 Iraq 4,613,000

How much is a bbl of oil?

In the oil industry, an oil barrel is defined as 42 US gallons, which is about 159 litres, or 35 imperial gallons.

Does Nigeria have more oil than gas?

Natural gas reserves account for 5.2 trillion cubic metres, making it the world’s seventh biggest resource. … Nigeria’s gas reserves are more than three times greater than its oil reserves, and the government is committed to increasing gas production for domestic supply as well as for export.

Who gave Nigeria name?

The name Nigeria was suggested in the late 19th Century by British journalist Flora Shaw, who would later marry the British colonial administrator Lord Frederick Lugard.

Who does Nigeria export oil to?

The country has a 4.16% share of an annual crude petroleum global export market worth $1.08 trillion. The most popular export destinations for Nigerian crude petroleum were India ($8.52 billion), the United States ($5.11 billion), Spain ($5 billion), South Africa ($3.82 billion), and the United Kingdom ($3.03 billion).

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