What is soil petroleum?

“Petroleum is naturally occurring liquid oil usually found in deposits beneath the surface of the earth. Removing or treating soil contaminated by petroleum is very imperative because the hydrocarbons will leach into the underlying groundwater and enter human residential areas. …

How does petroleum affect soil?

Soils contaminated by petroleum hydrocarbons can affect soil health. And it can do so at much lower concentrations compared to the effects on human health. … These types of petroleum products can clog the soil so that water and air is difficult to move to plant roots, resulting in drought-like symptoms.

Which petroleum products are obtained from soil?


  • butane.
  • diesel fuel.
  • fuel oil.
  • gasoline.
  • kerosene.
  • liquefied natural gas.
  • liquefied petroleum gas.
  • propane.

How is petroleum contaminated soil treated?

Typical treatments for petroleumcontaminated soil involve in excavating the soil and removing it for treatment using physical or chemical methods (Zhou, 1995; Li et al., 1997; Hans-Holgar and Alexander, 2000; Juck et al., 2000). These treatments, though effective, are costly and involve in extensive site disturbance.

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What is petroleum hydrocarbons in soil?

Total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH) is a term used to describe a large family of several hundred chemical compounds that originally come from crude oil. … Scientists divide TPH into groups of petroleum hydrocarbons that act alike in soil or water. These groups are called petroleum hydrocarbon fractions.

Is gasoline bad for soil?

On land, spilled gasoline can rapidly penetrate soil potentially causing groundwater or surface water contamination. Below the surface, gasoline can persist in soil or sediment for a longer period of time. … Some components of gasoline will dissolve into the water and may adversely affect fish and invertebrates.

How long does it take oil to decompose in soil?

In total, the process will take approximately one year, depending upon the severity of the contamination and the location. Location is an important factor in the process.

How is petroleum made up?

Petroleum is a fossil fuel, meaning that it has been created by the decomposition of organic matter over millions of years. Petroleum is formed when large quantities of dead organisms–primarily zooplankton and algae–underneath sedimentary rock are subjected to intense heat and pressure.

What is petroleum also known as?

Petroleum, also called crude oil, is a fossil fuel. Like coal and natural gas, petroleum was formed from the remains of ancient marine organisms, such as plants, algae, and bacteria.

Is plastic made from petroleum?

Although crude oil is a source of raw material (feedstock) for making plastics, it is not the major source of feedstock for plastics production in the United States. Plastics are produced from natural gas, feedstocks derived from natural gas processing, and feedstocks derived from crude oil refining.

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What is petroleum contaminated soil?

Petroleum-contaminated soil (PCS) caused by the accidental release of crude oil into the environment, which occurs frequently during oil exploitation worldwide, needs efficient and cost-effective remediation.

How do you test for petroleum in soil?

Cover with water and shake vigorously. Allow the water to settle and all sediment to fall to the bottom of the water. Allow to sit for a couple of days. If there is petroleum or hydrocarbon by-products present in the sample, oil will separate from the soil particles and will float on the top of the water.

How much does it cost to remediate soil?

Blending contaminated soil with clean soil can cost up to $15,000, while treating soil with innovative treatment technologies can range from $50,000 to $100,000 per acre-foot. Remediating soil isn’t necessarily easy or cheap, but remediated soil prevents long-term, detrimental effects on our ecosystem.

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