What is one advantage and disadvantage of petroleum or natural gas?

In the reaction, the the bonds in the methane and oxygen come apart, the atoms rearrange and then re-bond to form water and carbon dioxide.

What are advantages of petroleum and natural gas?

Natural gas produces less overall pollution

As its byproducts are in gaseous form, natural gas burns cleaner than gasoline or diesel. It releases 45% less carbon dioxide than coal and 30% less than oil and has therefore an overall smaller impact on the environment.

What is the advantage and disadvantage of natural gas?

Natural gas is environmentally friendly because it burns cleaner than other fossil fuels. It’s safer and easier to store when compared to other fossil fuels. Natural gas is extremely reliable, unlike electric power that can be knocked out during a storm. Natural gas is less expensive than other fossil fuels.

What is a disadvantages of natural gas?

Natural Gas Emits Carbon Dioxide: One of the biggest disadvantage of natural gas is that it emits carbon dioxide which is bad for our atmosphere. Constant introduction of carbon dioxide into our atmosphere will lead to climate change and also global warming.

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What are 2 disadvantages of petroleum?

The Disadvantages of Petroleum

  • Its resources are limited. …
  • It contributes to environmental pollution. …
  • It produces hazardous substances. …
  • It is a non-renewable form of energy. …
  • Its transport can cause oil spills. …
  • It sustains growth of terrorism and violence.

What are the negative effects of petroleum?

Adverse health effects can include skin irritation, eye irritation, dizziness, headache, nausea and, and in extreme cases, death (2). Because petroleum is widely used, unintentional acute releases can occur almost anywhere.

Why is natural gas preferred over coal and petroleum?

Coal, petroleum and natural gas all are fossil fuels and are non renewable but the reason for why natural gas is used is that it is clean fuel. … Coal and petroleum produces more carbon dioxide and pollutants than CNG. So because of this reason natural gas is preferred over coal and petroleum.

Why natural gas is so important?

It provides warmth for cooking and heating, and it fuels power stations that provide electricity to homes and businesses. It also fuels many industrial processes that produce materials and goods ranging from glass to clothing, and it is an important ingredient in products such as paints and plastics.

Is natural gas good or bad?

It’s a good source of energy today; after all, there’s plenty of it in the United States. … Natural gas is often praised as a clean energy alternative. It burns more cleanly than other fossil fuels, emitting lower levels of harmful emissions such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and nitrous oxides.

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Why is gas bad?

Perhaps one of the greatest risks of gasoline exposure is the harm it can do to your lungs when you inhale its fumes. Direct inhalation can cause carbon monoxide poisoning, which is why you shouldn’t run a vehicle in an enclosed area, such as a garage. Long-term exposure in the open can also damage your lungs.

Why is natural gas so cheap?

Natural gas prices are a function of market supply and demand. Increases in natural gas supply generally result in lower natural gas prices, and decreases in supply tend to lead to higher prices. Increases in demand generally lead to higher prices, and decreases in demand tend to lead to lower prices.

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