What is Loe in oil and gas industry?

LOE refers to the costs of operating the wells and equipment on a producing lease, many of which are recurring.

What is Loe in energy?

LOE Energy Abbreviation. 1. LOE. Lease Operating Expenses + 1 variant.

What is LOE per BOE?

Actual LOE Per BOE for such Fiscal Year means (x) the actual LOE for the Fiscal Year as reported in the Company’s Form 10-K for 2011 (less the cost for CO2 as per the Company’s detailed LOE analysis) minus total LOE (including cost for CO2) related to properties acquired during such Fiscal Year, plus for properties …

What is included in lease operating expense?

Lease operating expenses are recurring costs associated with an active well and its associated equipment. These costs can include rent, insurance, and payroll. If multiple parties are involved, each party’s lease operating cost is represented by their working interest in the well.

What are oil and gas lease operating expenses?

Lease operating expenses are those costs incurred or incident to bringing the subsurface minerals (oil and gas) up to the surface and converting them to marketable products. LOEs do not include any transportation expenses incurred to move these products from the lease to off-lease markets where they can be sold.

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Is bbl and BOE the same?

Crude oil reserves are measured in barrels (BBL) and natural gas is measured in cubic feet (mcf). Converting these reserves to a barrel of oil equivalent, or BOE, gives a total energy content in a single unit.

How is cost per BOE calculated?


The figure is determined by dividing the costs incurred during a specified period by the volume (barrels or Mcfs) of reserves added during the same period. For example, if the incurred costs were $100,000 and the reserves added were 20,000 bbl, the finding cost would be $5/bbl.

Is building maintenance an operating expense?

General repairs and maintenance of existing fixed assets such as buildings and equipment are also considered operating expenses unless the improvements will increase the useful life of the asset.

What are building operating costs?

Frequently referred to as OPEX, operating expenses are all of the costs that go into running a building. These include utilities, repairs and maintenance, exterior work, insurance, management, and property tax.

What are building operating expenses?

Operating expenses are the costs associated with operating and maintaining a commercial property such as an office building or retail center. Depending on the lease structure, you will either pay operating expenses as a component of gross rent or in addition to base rent.

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