What gas stations use Top Tier gasoline?

Which gas station has the best top tier gas?

Not only is Costco gas Top Tier certified, but it also carries the benchmark of being a Kirkland Signature product. The selling point for Costco gas is that it’s high-quality but also costs less, as much a 21 cents per gallon less.

How do you know if a gas station sells top tier gas?

There are several ways to recognize a TOP TIER™ fuel retailer.

  1. Many fueling stations selling TOP TIER™ licensed brands prominently display the TOP TIER™ logo on the pump, pump handle, canopy or in a station window. …
  2. Check the licensed brand list. …
  3. Ask the station operator.

Do all Shell stations sell Top Tier gas?

All Shell Gasolines Meet “Top Tier” Standard.

Is Speedway Top Tier gasoline?

Speedway is a licensee of Top Tier gasoline, and all retail locations must meet those quality standards.

Why is Shell gas so expensive?

Since most end product stations have equal research, they can produce similar additives. The most likely scenarios for Shell gasoline to be more expensive is that their additive is more expensive to add, or that other stations are using the base gasoline from the local distributor refinery.

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Where can I buy top tier gasoline?

Here Are the Top Tier Licensed Retail Brands in the United States:

  • Simonson Station Stores.
  • Sinclair.
  • Texaco.
  • Tobacco Outlet Plus Grocery.
  • Valero.
  • Value America.
  • WOW.
  • Win Win.

Does Sam’s Club have top tier gasoline?

Know gas sold at Sam’s Club isn’t top tier. You should know before buying gas from Sam’s Club that the gas isn’t top tier. Unlike Costco, gas you’re buying at Sam’s Club isn’t top tier.

What is the best brand of gasoline?

Top 10 Best Gasoline Brands

  • Kwik Trip.
  • Holiday.
  • Exxon.
  • Chevron.
  • Costco.
  • Texaco.
  • Sinclair.

Is all Shell gas the same?

All Gas Is the Same (Up to a Point)

Oil tankers carry this gas to different companies, so the gasoline part of gas is the same. However, each company is required by law to put additives in the fuel. The composition, quantity, and quality of the additives is proprietary.

What brand of gas does 7/11 sell?

7-Eleven Inc. is dropping Venezuelan-backed Citgo as its gasoline supplier after more than 20 years as part of a previously announced plan by the convenience store operator to launch its own brand of fuel.

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