Quick Answer: Is Iron most reactive and stored in kerosene?

Some highly active metals are stored in kerosene so that they do not come in contact with light or moisture and undergo certain explosive reactions. Complete step by step answer: … From the reactivity series of metals, we know that Sodium and Potassium are the most reactive metals and hence are present at the top.

Which of the following is most reactive and stored in kerosene?

Answer: Sodium is stored in kerosene as it is a highly reactive metal. If it is kept in open air, it easily reacts with the oxygen and catches fire.

Which is the most reactive metal How is it stored?

The most active metals are so reactive that they readily combine with the O2 and H2O vapor in the atmosphere and are therefore stored under an inert liquid, such as mineral oil. These metals are found exclusively in Groups IA and IIA of the periodic table.

Which is most reactive metal iron?

Out of the given metals potassium is the most reactive metal as it reacts violently with water, it can react with moisture present in air. Gold is an inert metal and iron reacts with hot water or steam only.

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Which is preserved in kerosene?

Metal which are preserved in kerosene – Sodium, Lithium and Potassium. Lustrous coloured non-metal – Iodine and Diamond . They have a slight metallic lustre. Metal which can melt while kept on palm are – Gallium & Caesium.

Is phosphorus stored in kerosene?

Phosphorus is a very reactive non-metal. It catches fire if exposed to air. … White Phosphorus is stored under water and not kerosene. It is kept submerged in water because it is a highly reactive metal and when it is exposed to air it autoignition as its ignition temperature is low.

Which metal is stored in oil?

Metallic sodium is usually stored in mineral oil or some other hydrocarbon, because it will react with the moisture in the air to form sodium hydroxide.

Why is na kerosene oil kept?

> Sodium is kept in kerosene because it is a highly reactive metal. … Kerosene oil does not react with sodium and acts as a barrier which restricts its reaction with oxygen and moisture.

Which of the following is the most reactive?

Fluorine is the most reactive element among the given elements.

Which metal is more reactive iron or zinc?

Answer : Zinc is more reactive than iron. Zinc is placed above iron in the reactivity series. For example, Zinc can displace iron from ferrous sulphate solution to form zinc sulphate and iron.

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