Question: How do you hide gas lines in kitchen?

How can I hide my natural gas line?

Build a frame, put some particle board or plywood on top and throw some cushions on. Or you could make shallow cabinets to hide the pipe and create some useful storage space.

Can you hide gas pipes?

Want to conceal pipes in a plaster wall or cavity wall? 90% of the time, the answer to this question is: yes! However, not if those pipes are of the gas variety. This is because gas pipes are not meant to be kept inside a wall out of sight.

How do you hide gas lines in a wall?

Just run a grinder down tghe wall and make a deep channel. Cover the pipe in some old isulation tape and push into the channel, Cover over with a good bodge of plaster. Hey presto.

How do you hide exposed radiator pipes?

Boxing. A very common way of hiding radiator pipes is by boxing them in. You might already have seen this in your kitchen or bathroom. Straight pieces of wood are installed around the pipes, effectively creating a box around them.

Can you cover gas meters?

Never box in or wrap your meter with insulation, blankets or plastic—gas meters require open air around them! Fire retardant paints can be a viable option to paint meter boxes.

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How do you hide the gas meter in front of your house?

Use Tall Plants

Install plants in front of the gas meter, leaving about 4 feet between the plants and the meter. Pick plants that grow tall enough to hide the meter completely but are simple to trim. Keep the back of the plants pruned so the plants don’t encroach the 4-foot open space.

What can I use to cover my gas pipe?

Wrap Teflon tape around the thread of the cap five times.

  1. Use Yellow Teflon Tape which is rated for gas.
  2. You can also use Teflon pipe dope. Apply the dope evenly on the threads on the gas line. Do not use the dope and tape together.
  3. Use the appropriate cap. If the pipe is brass, use a brass cap.

What can I plant to hide my gas meter?

Gas meters typically are no taller than 2 to 2 1/2 feet, so small to medium evergreen shrubs or perennial plants are a good fit. Boxwoods, ornamental grasses, shrub roses and small cypress plants work well.

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