How much does natural gas cost in Philadelphia?

Year and Month July
Electricity per kWh Philadelphia $0.155
United States $0.137
Utility (piped) gas per therm Philadelphia $1.088
United States $1.027

How much does natural gas cost in Pennsylvania?

In 2009, the average residential price of natural gas in Pennsylvania was $14.74 per thousand cubic feet. Since then the price had declined to $11.40 per thousand cubic feet in 2017. As of publication, 2018 annual data is not available, however, the January to November monthly average is $14.30.

How much does gas cost in Philly?

Pennsylvania average gas prices

Regular Premium
Current Avg. $3.272 $3.870
Yesterday Avg. $3.269 $3.871
Week Ago Avg. $3.254 $3.859
Month Ago Avg. $3.204 $3.807

How much does natural gas cost on average?

The average cost of natural gas per therm varies considerably by season and location. In January 2020, the national average price was $9.52 per thousand cubic feet. That’s $0.95 per Ccf. And at the 2019 national average heat content of 1,037 Btu per cubic foot, it’s a natural gas therm price of $0.92.

How much does natural gas cost monthly?

In New South Wales, we found the average quarterly gas bill to be $184.

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How do I choose the best gas supplier?

How to choose a natural gas provider in 4 steps

  1. Step 1: Set your priorities. …
  2. Step 2: Know your usage. …
  3. Step 3: Find the natural gas supplier that offers the best plan for you. …
  4. Step 4: Make sure your top-choice provider is on your state’s list of certified suppliers.

What is a good price for gas?

State Gas Price Averages

State Regular Mid-Grade
California $4.394 $4.583
Colorado $3.628 $3.963
Connecticut $3.174 $3.489
District of Columbia $3.216 $3.700

Which state has the cheapest natural gas?

The cheapest residential natural gas rates

Utah has the cheapest natural gas rates, coming in at $9.12 per 1,000 cubic feet. That’s nearly 8 percent lower than No. 2 Montana. The average rate for the month was $17.57.

Is it a good idea to lock in natural gas prices?

Since the temperature is usually more moderate in late spring and early fall, fewer people rely on natural gas to heat and cool their homes during those times. Lower usage is a factor in causing market prices to drop, making the shoulder months typically the best time to lock in natural gas rates.

How much is 1000 cubic feet of natural gas?

One thousand cubic feet (Mcf) of natural gas equals 1.037 MMBtu, or 10.37 therms. The heat content of natural gas may vary by location and by type of natural gas consumer, and it may vary over time.

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