How do I best camouflage my propane tank?

One of the easiest ways to conceal an above-ground propane tank is by planting dense shrubs and bushes, like juniper and photinia bushes; these will typically grow to at least six feet and thus can effectively conceal your tank.

How do you disguise a propane tank?

If your tank is rusty or has peeling paint, ask the company if they can fix it for you. Install a picket fence in front of the tank. A short run of fencing is an affordable and easy way to disguise your tank. Paint it in a color similar to the tank color to help the tank blend in.

How do you dress a propane tank?

Use a Tank Cover

Tank covers made from appropriate, lightweight materials can effectively disguise your tank without making it any harder to use. For the most part, these covers are made to resemble rocks or wood so they can fit in with your existing landscaping efforts.

How do you hide a 100 gallon propane tank?

How to Hide or Cover My 100 Pound Propane Tank

  1. Painting your propane tank is the cheapest way to hide it. …
  2. Use container gardening to hide the steel hulk. …
  3. Install a vinyl panel privacy screen. …
  4. Place a miniature pagoda, pergola, or garden house in front of the tank as a focal point for your landscape.
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How far from house does propane tank have to be?

must be placed a minimum of 25 feet from the building. no part of an underground tank of this size shall be less than 10 feet from a building or line of adjoining property.

Should I cover my propane tank?

Storing Propane Outdoors

Place the tank on a sturdy surface, like a piece of wood or slab of concrete, and store it uncovered or covered. Storing propane tanks in the summer is easy, too. In warm weather your propane tank can still be stored outdoors on a flat, solid surface.

Can you put a roof over a propane tank?

A cover over a propane or butane tank will not cause pocketing of gas, but it could hinder circulation by blocking breezes or winds.

How do you hide a 120 gallon propane tank?

3 Ways to Hide Your Propane Tank

Planting shrubbery or flowers around the tank can help it blend in with your existing landscaping. Fence it. Building an extension off your fence is an easy way to hide your tank from view. Transform it.

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