Do propane companies buy back propane?

Unless required by law, Company does not repurchase propane remaining in the tank or provide customer refunds for any unused propane. Company, may however, in its sole discretion, repurchase the propane remaining in the tank in certain circumstances.

How do I get out of a propane tank contract?

Here’s how you can switch propane companies without service interruptions:

  1. Step 1: Sign up with a new propane provider before tank removal. …
  2. Step 2: Schedule propane tank removal & installation on the same day. …
  3. Step 3: Ask if your new propane provider will cover switching costs. …
  4. Enjoy the freedom of a better propane service.

How do you prove ownership of a propane tank?

First; tell propane co about property disclosure page. Second ask them to prove the tank is theirs. (if tank is theirs, they will have contract with ex-property owner). If they can’t prove ownership, it’s yours.

What happens when you switch propane companies?

1. If you own, rent, or borrow your propane tank. Rent—if you end your rental agreement with your original company, you may pay a termination fee to switch. Borrow—if your current gas company owns your tank, the new company will work out a swap/pickup plan with the old company.

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How hard is it to switch propane companies?

Do you own or lease your propane gas tank

If you own the propane tank, switching propane companies will be easy. … In this case, they will have to come to your house and unhook the propane tank. You will want to schedule your new propane company to install the new propane tank same day to avoid interruptions for you.

Does Walmart buy back propane tanks?

If you have an empty propane tank lying around the house, then you might be happy to know that Walmart accepts any working propane tanks (even the really old and dinted ones) in exchange for their tanks.

Does Lowes buy back propane tanks?

Lowes and Home Depot do not directly sell, buy or exchange propane tanks. (HD does sell, new, empty propane tanks of various sizes. Perhaps Lowes also?) Most of their locations are serviced by a third party propane vendor – RHINO and AmeriGas are the most common ones in the mid Atlantic states.

Does the propane company own the tank?

Company owned tanks are maintained by the propane company and all the costs for any repairs are covered. This includes replacing the tank if any manufacturing/wear issues occur.

Can another company fill my propane tank?

Owning your propane tank gives you the freedom to switch propane suppliers as frequently as you’d like. As a renter you can only have your tank filled by the company that owns it, whereas tank owners can have their tank filled by any company they’d like.

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Can a propane company lock my tank?

A company can start out with a “lock out” program to control delinquencies and slow pays, or it can lock all of its tanks to enforce its contracts. Either way, propane tank locks pay for themselves.

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