Can you use propane instead of acetylene?

Propane can like acetylene be used for cutting. If you cut with acetylene, you normally put the tip of the inner flame cone on the metal (1mm from the plate surface). If you do the same with propane, you will be waiting for a long time.

Are acetylene and propane regulators the same?

If your working pressure is less than 15PSI you can still use the acetylene regulator because it is designed to be used under the same cylinder pressure as propane and propylene and provides maximum outlet pressure of 15PSI. … The same nozzle can be used for both propane and propylene.

Is propane cleaner than acetylene?

Acetylene will ignite at mixtures from 2.5 percent to 82 percent, while the range for propane is 2.1 percent to 9.5 percent. Based off of these numbers, it’s easy to argue that propane is much safer to use than acetylene. However, keep in mind that these are both flammable gases, and both need to be handled with care.

Which is safer propane or acetylene?

Safety: This is one of the prime requirements of any manufacturing process, and welding is no exception. The flammability limit of acetylene in the air is 2.5% to 82%, whereas that of propane is 2.1% to 9.5%. This may lead to a conclusion that acetylene is more dangerous than propane; however, the same is not true.

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What should my oxy acetylene regulators be set at?

The recommended setting is for the fuel gas regulator to be set at 10 psig and the oxygen regulator at 45 psig.

Can I weld with a propane torch?

A propane torch makes welding safe, simple and efficient. Propane torches are categorized as air-fuel torches because they use a mixture of propane gas and oxygen. This mixture, when lit, produces a clean-burning flame suitable for heating or welding purposes.

Which is hotter Mapp or acetylene?

Although acetylene has a higher flame temperature (3160 °C, 5720 °F), MAPP has the advantage that it requires neither dilution nor special container fillers during transport, allowing a greater volume of fuel gas to be transported at the same given weight, and it is much safer in use.

Can you use acetylene without oxygen?

Decomposition is a chemical reaction whereby acetylene breaks down into its constituent elements, carbon and hydrogen. This reaction gives out a great deal of heat, which can cause the gas to effectively ignite without the presence of air or oxygen.

Can you braze with a propane torch?

Here is the answer to whether you can braze with a propane / air torch. You can but you have to control the environment so that the heat loss to the atmosphere and parts is lower than the heat being put into the braze joint. It is a standard braze alloy that melts over a range of 1250 – 1305 F. …

What is the difference between acetylene and oxygen?

Acetylene is an extremely volatile gas and never used in a pure state. … Oxygen is a Class 2.2/5.1 non-flammable, oxidising gas and may cause or intensify a fire, as well as explode if heated.

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What’s hotter butane or propane?

Propane has a boiling temperature of -42°C, whilst butane has a higher boiling point at -2°C. … When stored as a liquid in a tank, propane also exerts a greater pressure than butane at the same temperature.

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