Best answer: Which one has higher boiling point propane or ethanol?

For example ethanol has a higher boiling point than propane, which has a similar relative molecular mass because propane only has relatively weak van der Waals’ forces between the molecules.

Does ethanol or propane have a higher boiling point?

The boiling points of alcohols are much higher than those of alkanes with similar molecular weights. For example, ethanol, with a molecular weight (MW) of 46, has a boiling point of 78 °C (173 °F), whereas propane (MW 44) has a boiling point of −42 °C (−44 °F).

Does ethanol have higher boiling point?

The dominant intermolecular attraction between ethanol molecules is hydrogen bonding. … The ethanol has a much higher boiling point.

Why does ethanol have a higher boiling point than N propane?

Alcohols have higher boiling points than alkanes of same molecules mass because alcohols (−OH) have hydroxyl groups which involve in hydrogen bonding.As the intermolecular forces are relatively high in hydrogen bonding,ethylalcohol has higher boiling point than propane.

Does propane have higher boiling point?

Because propane is larger there will be more London attraction forces holding propane molecules together compared to ethane and methane, so propane will have higher melting and boiling points.

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Why does ethanol have a high boiling point?

In a solution of water and ethanol, hydrogen bonding is the strongest intermolecular force between molecules. Hydrogen bonding occurs when the partially negative oxygen end of the molecules is attracted to the partially positive hydrogen eng of the molecule. That is why the boiling point of ethanol is higher.

How can you determine the boiling point of ethanol?

The higher boiling point for ethanol is observed due to the OH structure that causes hydrogen bonding between the molecules. Acetone has a polar CO double bond, which results in dipole-dipole forces. Since hydrogen bonding is stronger than dipole-dipole forces, ethanol has a higher boiling point.

Why ethanol has higher boiling point than Methanol?

Ethanol ( C₂H₅OH) has higher boiling point than Methanol(CH₃OH) because boiling point is directly proportional to number of carbons present in the compound. Ethanol has 2 Carbons in the straight chain where as Methanol consists of only 1 carbon as a result Ethanol has higher boiling point than Methanol .

Which of the following have higher boiling point ethanal Methoxymethane ethanol propane?

Ethanol undergoes intermolecular H-bonding due to the presence of -OH group, resulting in the association of molecules. Extra energy is required to break these hydrogen bonds. On the other hand, methoxymethane does not undergo H-bonding. Hence, the boiling point of ethanol is higher than that of methoxymethane.

Which has higher boiling point acetic acid or acetone?

since acetone has dipole-dipole interactions with ITSELF, it has the second-highest boiling point. since acetic acid hydrogen-bonds with ITSELF, it has the highest boiling point.

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Does ethanol or Ethanethiol have a higher boiling point?

Note: However, ethanol molecules have a much more powerful intermolecular force available to them, which is hydrogen bonding. So, clearly, ethanol molecules have a higher boiling point or whatnot than ethanethiol.

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