Best answer: Which of the following compounds on reaction with CH3MgBr gives methane?

Which compound on reaction with CH3MgBr gives methane?

So, the correct answer is “Option D”. Note: Grignard reagents are highly reactive organic compounds and it can react with any source of proton to give hydrocarbons because acid base reactions are much faster than nucleophilic addition reactions.

Which of the following compounds will react with CH3MgBr?

In HC≡C—CH2OH two active hydrogen atoms are present, hence it will react with two moles of CH3MgBr (Grignard reagent).

Which of the following compounds on reaction with CH3MgBr gives secondary alcohol?

Hint: All aldehydes except formaldehyde gives secondary alcohol on reaction with Grignard reagent followed by acid hydrolysis.

Which compound on reaction with CH3MgBr followed by acidic workup gives tertiary alcohol?

Which of the following compounds on reaction with CH_(3)MgBr will give a tertiary alcohol? Tertiary alcohols are formed by treating Grignard reagents either with ketones or excess of an ester other than formate which will given 2∘ alcohol.

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How can we prepare methane from CH3MgBr?

Answer: This reaction is called Kolbe’s electrolysis. Metal carbide like Aluminium carbide (Al4C3) or Berrylium carbide (Be2C) is treated with water, methane gas is formed. This reaction is only limited to prepare methane.

How is methane prepared from Grignard?

When the source of protons reacted to Grignard reagent it will definitely give respective alkane, therefore, the only molecule that will react with given Grignard reagent to give methane is ethaneamine.

Which of the following compounds react with hi?

When isobutyl ethyl ether reacts with HI, it forms isobutyl alcohol and ethyl iodide as a product.

How many compounds will liberate methane on treatment with CH3MgBr?

CH3MgBr on reaction with compounds having atleast once acidic hydrogen will evolve methane/CH4 gas. Replace the R’ group with any alkane and you will easily get 10 or more compounds which evolve methane gas on reaction with CH3-Mg-BR.

Which one of the following compounds will be most readily dehydrated?

Dehydration of alcohols involve formation of carbocation intermediate. More the stability of carbocation, higher is the ease of dehydration. The order of stability of carbocation, given by the given compounds, is. Thus, compound given in option readily undergoes dehydration.

Which is a secondary alcohol?

A secondary alcohol is a compound in which a hydroxy group, ‒OH, is attached to a saturated carbon atom which has two other carbon atoms attached to it. Stars.

Which among the following compounds will give a secondary alcohol on reacting with Grignard reagent?

Ketone and esters reacts with grignard reagent to give tertiary alcohols and aldehyde reacts with grignard to form secondary alcohols.

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