Best answer: Which is more acidic methane or ethyne?

Is methane more acidic than ethyne?

stronger the conjugate base weaker will be the acid. Methane is more acidic than ethane for the above reasons.

Which of the following is most acidic a methane B ethane C ethyne D ethene?

If we compare acid strengths of the simple hydrocarbons, we find that ethyne is substantially more acidic than ethene or ethane in the gas phase or in solution. The simplest explanation is that there is a direct connection between C—H acidity and the amount of s character associated with the σ-bonding carbon orbital.

Is methane most acidic?

Complete Step By Step Answer:

With the least s-character in their orbitals, methane and ethane are poor acids in which the carbon atoms are not electronegative enough to stabilize the conjugate base anions. is the most acidic compound.

Is ethyne more acidic than water?

Ethyne is more acidic than water as the p character of C is 50% which tends to attract the bond pair of e- and pushes H+ out of the structure.

Which is more acidic alcohol or ethyne?

(b) The negative charge on Oxygen is more stabilised than that on Carbon, This is because,O is an electronegative element so it has better hold of negative charge,thus alcohols are more acidic. 2.

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Which acid Below is the strongest?

Answer: HFSO3 is the strongest acid.

Which is less acidic than phenol?

So, we can deduce that methanol is less acidic than water which is also less acidic than phenol. Hence, it can be concluded that $2,4,6 – trimethylphenol$, $C{H_3}OH$and ${H_2}O$ are less acidic than phenol. Therefore, the correct option is option A,B & D.

Which is more acidic Ethyne or Propyne?

Ethyne is more acidic than propyne. in propyne methyl group is present which cause + I effect. due to the + I effect methyl group more electron density is present near triple bond hence the release of proton from propyne is difficult than from ethyne.

Which of the following is the most acidic phenol?

Picric acid is the strongest acid due to the presence of three (NO2) group (-R and -I effect).

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