Best answer: What is a natural gas commodity charge?

The commodity charge reflects the actual cost of the natural gas a customer consumes. All costs for the gas customers consume is passed along to them with no mark-up by UGI. In other words, UGI purchases the natural gas supply from producers and re-sells it to the customer at the same price.

What does commodity charge mean?

Commodity Charge means the charge imposed by the District for all water used, whether such water use is actually metered or estimated.

How is natural gas billed?

Natural gas is commonly measured by the cubic foot, and you are billed by the thousands of cubic feet (MCF) or hundreds of cubic feet (CCF). You may also be billed by the therm, which is about the same as a CCF or 100 cubic feet.

What is a gas charge?

The Gas Customer charge is the fixed cost per month to read your meter, process monthly bills and provide customer services. These are fixed costs to serve each customer no matter how much gas is consumed.

What is the average natural gas usage per month?

According to Move. org’s list, natural gas is particularly cheap here, averaging $52.89 a month in 2018.

What is the best natural gas stock to buy?

Here we look at four stocks that could be good natural gas plays.

  • BHP Billiton Limited (BHP) Natural gas is not the only source of income for BHP Billiton, as the company is also a significant miner of metals. …
  • Antero Resources Corporation (AR) …
  • Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation (COG) …
  • Phillips 66 (PSX)
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How much is gas per hour?

Typical gas usage rates are: Queensland: 6c/MJ. New South Wales: 4c/MJ. Victoria: 9c/MJ.

Why do I pay for natural gas?

The natural gas surcharge is used to fund rate reductions and home weatherization services for low-income electric and gas customers of public utility corporations.

Why are natural gas delivery charges so high?

PG&E delivery charges are so high because of California’s insistence that the company use solar & wind power when cheaper & more reliable sources are readily accessible. Then there is the massively expensive hoops the company has to jump through to do business in California. The generation bill is just a pass through.

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